Lisa Golem

Lisa Golem
Lisa’s Bio:

Lisa Golem’s style of contemporary art is crafted to evoke emotion using vivid colour palettes, movement and flow. Her work is sometimes textured, sometimes smooth… sometimes warm,  sometimes cool; but it is always intuitive, transcendent and wildly submitted to the flow of the God she loves. 

Lisa’s artistic journey began as experimentation… and once in a while, “glorious accidents” happened while experiencing a childlike freedom with the materials. Growing up with a musician Father and an artist Mother, she learned early the value of creating and expressing. With more instruction in the form of various workshops and courses over the last 20 years, her artistic process has become more intentional while at the same time retaining its spontaneous and kinetic flavour. 

Lisa has a distinct preference for strong, vibrant colour palettes with a high level of contrast as this is closer to her nature than soft, muted colours. Highly textured surfaces, embedded objects and unusual grounds are also commonly found in her collections. As for subject matter, Lisa likes to allow the canvas to evolve in an organic way that is driven more by the subconscious mind, revealing content, meaning, and mystery as it takes form. There are representational works in Lisa’s repertoire as well; however, realism is not her first love. 

Lisa also very much enjoys teaching step-by-step paint pARTies, and other types of workshops. Teaching  is the thing she never knew she loved until she tried it! She delights in her students successes and helps  them navigate their challenges. When COVID hit in the spring of 2020, Lisa took her love of teaching  online. Though her YouTube online tutorials are free, she appreciates participant donations to her  ‘BuyMeACoffee’ tip jar. She is moving towards creating a comprehensive abstract online course, so stay  tuned for that! 

Lisa remains passionate about exploring the infinite possibilities of the creative process and the transformative power of the arts on both an individual level and within her local community. 

Lisa’s Portfolio:
Night Owl
Life In The Bubble
Times Of Reflection
Summer Sunset
Meditations Of The Heart
New Life
Kissing Bridge

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…It’s about learning to dance in the rain. 

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