Heidi Brannan

Heidi Brannan
Heidi’s Bio:

As an artist, my work, including the two dimensional has always had a sculptural feel. Over the last 30 years I have expressed myself through sculpting, stained and cast glass, fabric art, silk painting, drawing and oils. Stone and glass with their  common origin have become my key focus without restricting me to the three  dimensional world. At the same time flat glass and other two dimensional media  cannot give flight to all of my visions. This was seen strongly as I developed my  product line of Sculptural Art Glass Lighting. It was often found echoing themes from nature. Content became more literal and somewhat less mysterious as we saw  feathers, leaves, ice, butterflies and other winged creatures, cloudy skies, starry  nights etc. emerge. 

Since an early age I have been exploring various media and their communicative  relationships. Each of my works can be seen as a glimpse through a window into  my “processing room”. In this place the mapping of emotions through simple, yet strong use of line, gestural movement, light and textures allows the heart to be  revealed. It is a form of visual journaling. Using mostly abstract sculptural  language I explore themes that run the gamut from growth and transformation, healing, through to whimsical celebration. This is often a risky adventure to healing. There is something very profound about taking a heavy boulder and making it fly with life. Digging into the inner life of anything is fraught with  danger. 

After many years of doing custom work for clients, running a gallery and  exhibiting my personal work extensively, I took a career detour into EMS work for a period of eight years which subsequently influenced my art significantly. Since a  theme of healing has consistently appeared throughout all my efforts, I am now  building visual arts workshops and programs for survivors of trauma. 

Meanwhile, if I am not literally out in nature either in my garden or out rock  climbing I might be found painting the great outdoors. These landscapes might turn out to be in oil, watercolour, or cast glass. Regardless of where I am, and what is in  my hands, I create again and again, because I just can’t help it.

Heidi’s Portfolio:
Temple Dance
Dragonfly Dance
Fairy Throne
The Winnowing
The Healing
Crystal Vision
Angelic Rototiller
Leaf Chandelier
Purple Jelly
Wave Work
Healing Ring of Light
Portico of Light
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