Dominique Rovers

Dominique Rovers
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My name is Dominique Rovers and I am a wildlife artist from the Netherlands. My family and I live together with our pets, in a village near Rotterdam. I did the academy of arts there, and graduated in Graphic art, making etchings and painting. In my work, I love to capture animals and nature in all of their beauty. For me this has always been, and will always be a big inspiration. I want the viewers of my work to almost feel the animals painted. I’ve drawn and painted since I was little and I hope I will always continue to do that. I work with oil on canvas and also with pastel pencils and chalk on special paper. Apart from creating my own art, I teach different groups of people how to create art of their own in my studio. I do this for four evenings, every week. My website is and Instagram@dominiquerovers. If you want, you can contact me through my website or send me a message on Instagram.

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