About Me

Hi there. Welcome to One Woman’s Voice. My name is Lisa and I’m an artist and a writer and a voice of freedom. All of my art and written word is a lens into my life; my struggles and victories and my day to day life as I walk into more and more freedom holding the hand of my first love, Jesus.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a look around and leave a comment if you like. You can also leave your email and I will send you out my newest musings, poetry and artwork. I’ll not send you anything but that–no adds or spam or other annoying mail.

My Art and Writing

My art work is filled with colour, movement and beauty. I love all three. My newest work is in oil paint and cold wax. I love playing with the textures and depth that can be created using these mediums. I also use alcohol inks. The vibrant colours and movement of these inks are just full of wonder and beauty. I paint with acrylic and as with the alcohol inks I love the vibrant colours of these paints. I tend towards the abstract but I’m also starting to add some realism to my work. Please have a look around my Gallery. I will be adding pieces weekly so come by often.

I love to write poetry. It’s a lot like painting with words. My poetry reflects my struggles, victories and my love for Jesus and some of it even my sense of humour. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

The rest of my writing is mostly just thoughts and things the Lord and I are talking about. I pray you find it insightful and helpful.